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Automatic fire "manual" so why there are so many loyal fans – Sohu mentioned car manual, we thought is "fun to drive"; said automatic, we thought is "comfortable and convenient". In fact, manual and automatic PK from automatic birth had not stopped to buy a car, many friends in the tangle of "automatic or manual", but many older drivers still love manual. There are even people who have had the idea that manual gear will be phased out! So why is it still standing in the automotive industry? First of all, to know the automatic doubt than manual open up more comfortable, the pursuit of comfort is certainly driving automatic car was born. However, the manual also has a natural advantage of his hand, otherwise the manual block has been eliminated. Here’s how the old drivers say. Low failure rate: manual car gearbox structure than the automatic was a little simple, the probability of failure is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is also much lower than the automatic maintenance, and automatic transmission with long time performance will decline, some places will not block the manual operation convenient: manual control of the machine more to the driver, the manual in the non long downhill sliding safety; can use the engine downshifts to release the clutch, the brake deceleration together, can greatly reduce the braking distance; speed gears, opposite the familiar people, manual can downshift even a drop of two stalls, overtaking fierce refueling. Cheap and fuel-efficient cars on the market: at present, the various models of manual and automatic price is generally between 10 thousand ~2 million. It is understood that the manual transmission structure is relatively simple manufacture, convenient maintenance and low cost; it is understood in Europe, especially in Germany, car market share proportion is much larger than the auto car, this is the truth. As for fuel, in principle is manual more fuel-efficient, but now the seven or eight speed automatic gearbox applications, fuel consumption advantages of manual gearbox has basically No. Of course, for low-grade cars, this advantage is still. Of course, this is also related to the driver’s driving habits. There is no sense of operation: look at the high-end sports car, almost no automatic block. In fact, the manual block behind the cumbersome shift, with endless fun. Especially in different road conditions, the manual transmission car can accurately shift the gear to get the best speed. Although tiptronic car can also be reached, but under the push push and block mode is obviously not manual fun, the automatic transmission is not to mention, then the perfect computer can at any time to just perfect people’s psychological analysis by accelerator. Therefore, the opening of the manual block will feel the car is listening to you, the driver will get a kind of operational pleasure, full of desire to conquer! It’s not hard to understand why there are so many "fans" in manual! About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician 4S shop 10 minutes, answer your car repair, maintenance, car and other aspects of the problem. PS: Car master also opened in the country on the system相关的主题文章:

When hand Yin, left behind children dream of flying – tourism Sohu… w-inds.

When flying hand Yin, left behind children dream… – Sohu tourism with children exposed to third days, a little boy suddenly asked me: "what time do you go? I will be sad…… at the beginning of August 2016 I went to Guizhou to participate in Lotto Travel Organization activities of a series of interviews with Leishan Miao village, Congjiang County, immediately rushed to the end for the village. The village I visited in July, in the village the villagers met Shi Yuqin, she said that the young people in the village to go to work, the rest are left-behind children and Empty Nester. She said there are many poor households in the village, the children had no books, no toys, summer is the most fun to go to the river water…… young and girls play a bigger boy playing with shallow water, deep water, she was so over. I would like to help these children left behind, to raise them some stationery, toys, books, so that they have a child with their parents no longer the same. This idea has been used to support the Guangdong Pride Inn supplies company. When Yin is currently designated supplier of many domestic and foreign well-known sports brand, chairman Zhong Wenqin keen on public welfare, in my Yunnan Qiubei County left-behind children raise stationery, Patty Yin has sponsored ten class sports activities, the value of four thousand yuan! This is the "obligatory", I have not arrived in Congjiang County, they sponsored two sets of children’s soccer goal and four football has been sent to here, I have repeatedly urged the courier company delivery. At noon I met with Shi Yuqin in Congjiang County, and then to pick up. Shi Yuqin is the uncle to the agricultural tricycle sitting in her house, accordingly 15 kilometers in the village, she could not find other means of transport, each county to love people send clothes, are Uncle tricycle. The weather is so hot, fifteen km mountain road, Shi Yuqin and I sat on his uncle’s farm tricycle. I have been worried about the police to stop, she laughed, "we are here in the countryside, the tricycle pull is widespread, or what car ah? But this is the first time I’ve ever been in a car like this. To be honest, never thought I would sit this not overshadow block, no seats and no tricycle safety belt, the risks, a bit uncomfortable! The heat of the day, the dust thrown into the face, was immediately retained sweat. Mountain bumps, as if there is something to spit out, but fortunately did not eat lunch, no pressure in the stomach. Not a short distance, the sun ran for more than an hour, can not hold fast when finally meet the brand accounted for miles. The village children see a stranger curiously surrounded, Shi Yuqin told us: uncle for everyone to bring a football, for a while to play football. The weather is too hot, I want the sun to give the child to show their football equipment, also take a rest, some hot meng. Soon Shi Yuqin called me with a short message: "the children are anxious, all around it". We came to the village in the center of the drum tower before the installation, the children can’t wait around, Guizhou is a mountainous area, it is difficult to do sports to find a large flat. 9相关的主题文章:

Masanori life CIRC Zaiyu challenge with equity relationship change test kimi wo omou melodi

With the CIRC Masanori life destabilize Zaiyu equity relationship change test We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Once that shareholders Shanshan department chairman retreat, leaving both the rumors, has not yet landed, and other life Jun Kang is a misfortune. Recently, Jun Kang life again shareholders face, small shareholders holdings, the two shareholders of Zhejiang Poway Holdings exit. Once a wonderful because of the concern, changes in equity relationship after more complicated after the rapid decline, while the premium whirling, investment pressure, cash flow will be needed to face the test. Source: Beijing Daily reporter: Xu Chenhui | equity regeneration variables   recently, Jun Kang Renshou issued a change of shareholders information disclosure announcement, the second largest shareholder intends to transfer its holdings Poway holdings of 12.16% stake in the transferee for new shareholders "Fu ye trade". After the completion of the transfer, the major shareholder of Ningbo, Yinzhou Hongfa Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongfa industry) and other shareholders shareholding ratio unchanged. It is understood that the equity transfer has not yet been approved by the CIRC, the relevant business changes are still in progress. Fu Ye Trading Company said, in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations and related regulatory requirements, insurance funds investment Jun Kang source of its own funds in legal, does not use any form of loans from financial institutions or other financing channels of funds. The Ningbo Department of the new shareholders can not help but let the market speculation, on the surface seems to be representative of the Department of Shanshan Hongfa industrial large shareholders are not related, but some of the details can be seen Fu Ye Jun Kang trade offer insurance equity seems to be going to. According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Fu Ye trade established in January 6, 2011, the legal representative of Shen Lijun, is a private owned enterprise type. But in less than a year’s time on the two capital increase, the registered capital of 20 million yuan from the rapid rise to $3 billion 930 million 40 thousand. Public information, Jun Kang life was founded in 2006, has changed its name two times, shareholders repeatedly changed. In June 2014 Masanori life (Jun Kang Renshou predecessor) in the solvency of the storm, including a total of Ningbo city of Yinzhou Hongfa Industrial Co., Zhejiang Poway holdings, better Holdings Group, Fujian Weijie investment, Fuzhou Tiance industrial 5 shareholders, the shareholding of 20%. After several rounds of capital increase, Zheng Yonggang obtained the right to control the actual life. At the end of the two quarter, the controlling shareholder of Hongfa Industrial Holdings Jun Kang life insurance 50.88% stake, officially entered the hands holding 12.16% ye trade. In addition, Shanghai costumes Investment Holdings accounted for 12%, Wuhu Longwei Industry & Trade Holdings accounted for 6.72%, Shanghai Lei Department of communications holdings accounted for 4%; in Hubei by the small and medium-sized enterprise investment holdings accounted for 3.84%. In addition to the opt out of Poway holdings, the other three shareholders better Holdings Ltd., then Fujian Weijie Investment Co. Ltd., Fuzhou Tiance Industrial Co., Ltd. equity were diluted to 4%, on相关的主题文章:

Domestic engaged in the field of VR motion capture technology startups, combing notes – Science and 特命战队go busters

Domestic engaged in the field of VR motion capture technology startups, combing notes – Sohu technology of motion capture technology is what? Motion capture is a new technology which can accurately measure and record the motion locus or pose of objects in real three-dimensional space, and reconstruct the moving state of moving object in virtual 3D space. Motion capture is the most typical application is to capture the action figures, can be character gestures or facial expressions of dynamic 3D digital calculation, 3D motion data, vividly imitate, reproduce real complex movements and facial expressions. The essence is to copy the characters in the reality to the virtual characters. Motion capture technology can be divided into two kinds of optical and inertial solutions. The general view is that the optical program will occupy most of the general market, while the inertia of the program will be online experience stores and professional users win. Below for everyone to engage in the field of domestic VR motion capture technology startups: optical solutions American company OptiTrack as a technical benchmark. Through the high-speed intelligent camera more than two space, the absolute position coordinates of multiple target points in space was calculated accurately, and then calculate the trajectory and attitude of people or objects, to achieve human-computer interaction in VR scene; 1.uSens? Sense was founded in 2013, the main products of Fingo and PowerFingo, which owns 26 the degrees of freedom and 6 degrees of freedom skeletal tracking, position tracking, and video synthesis technology based on AR. PowerFingo integrated battery and a processor as a whole, can be configured directly in the user’s head up display, including the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear 2.IMG; Meggie was founded in 2014, the main products of Hand CV. A gesture recognition interaction system based on monocular camera and SDK. It is based on monocular camera (such as mobile phone, tablet, PC and other equipment of the ordinary camera), through the software algorithm to achieve gesture recognition, do not need to purchase additional new somatosensory equipment can complete gesture operation; 3 creators intelligent control was established in 2013, is a company with years of high speed smart vision equipment research and development experience the company recently committed to B end users with VR optical location tracking camera and optical tracking system; 4.NOKOV measurement technology was founded in 2015, NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system is divided into M, V series, according to the different needs of customers customized motion capture system, the reasonable solution. The use of passive optical technology, computer graphics based on the principle of the arrangement of a number of video capture hardware in space, the space position of moving objects marks the recorded in the form of image, and then use the computer software of the mark points in the image data processing and a series of operations, different time measurement units of various three-dimensional coordinates of the pupil; 5 green vision was founded in 2015, is the development of CMtracker2.0 software.相关的主题文章:

Go to Hawaii, big happy New Orleans more fun (video) christie stevens

What to go to Hawaii, "happy New Orleans" more fun [Abstract] New Orleans, port city in southern Louisiana in the United States, France was the most extravagant corruption of the upstart America, so nicknamed "big happy". Don’t play all day to say that Hawaii, New Orleans more fun ah ~ New Orleans is a collection of a variety of culture, the ancient street sitting along the street of St. Charles traveling from France to the city, like entering a time tunnel, from the European style District of France, to the typical American business district, like Charleston to South Carolina oak Avenue, Vitoria building and early twentieth Century once popular. These different language, culture, fashion, and beliefs are now intertwined, the evolution of a unique culture of New Orleans. 1 France is here to settle in New Orleans after the French gathered, many buildings with French style, the area has a lot of bars and art galleries, some of the characteristics of the shop is also worth visiting. In the evening, here is very lively, there are a lot of street bands in the show. Located at the intersection of 2 Jackson Square Plaza is located in the French Quarter and the river, the area is not large, but it is half a century of street artists gathering place, especially in the evening, here is very lively, there are a lot of street band in the show.. The square is named after general Andrew Jackson, who became the seventh president of the United States, and his statue stands in the center of the square. Nearly two hundred years ago, general Jackson led the army defeated the powerful British forces in the defense of New Orleans win, nearly two hundred years later, New Orleans’s military failed to withstand hurricane Katrina caused flooding. About Yang Zi white abnormal may be hidden in the clothing on your dress [Abstract] New Orleans, the port city of southern Luis Anna S America, was the most extravagant corruption of the French upstart America, so nicknamed "big happy". Don’t play all day to say that Hawaii, New Orleans more fun ~3. New Orleans Garden District Garden District of New Orleans with beautiful old buildings and famous, in addition to many Greek Revival style and Gothic architecture, there are many characteristics of the New Orleans landscape, there are many museum near the heart can go, feel quiet, history and art. 4 Bourbon Street accounted for six blocks of Bourbon Street, "Crescent City" is one of the most distinctive scenery. Here the night market on both sides of the street are almost all through the night, the bar street, flashing neon lights, a bar is faint candlelight, chao chao figure, the door stood between cast iron like demeanor portrait. Walk up the street, jazz as one falls, another rises, can be heard without end. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, jazz artist Louis Armstrong, was started from here. The first Jazz Orchestra in New Orleans now, every night 8 points to 12 points in the old wooden house show building east street. [Abstract] New Orleans, port city in southern Louisiana in the United States, France was the most extravagant corruption of the upstart America, so nicknamed "big happy". Don’t say all the time to play in Hawaii, New Orleans more fun ~5. oak manor oak village.相关的主题文章: